Xamarin University, Certification Studying, and More!


Greetings from the Developer Cave!

For those of you who are not aware, on July 17th I
got my Email stating that I am eligible for the Xamarin Certification, and that
made me think back to this past month and all the time I have spent with the
instructors. While at the time of writing, the certification track in Xamarin
University has 15 classes, which is by no means the end to them. At time of
posting there are 67 Classes on a wide variety of topics as well as Guest
Lectures, Lighting talks, and recordings from Evolve Conferences. You also get
8, 30 min one on one sessions with an instructor to ask questions, get code
reviews, architectural guidance, or help with mobile strategy and of course,
you can test for your certification, good for a year from the date you get

I have spent the month of July going though and taking
advantage of as many classes as I could (yes I know I get a year access) and get
up to speed on all the Xamarin Development goodness. I also am a Visual and Kinesthetic
learning, which makes online classes rather interesting, especially when
creating notes to reference/study from later, which leads into lots and lots
and lots of notes. At the time of writing I have been though 46 of 67 unique classes
(remember, I started in July and posting this on July 20) and at the request of
some of my instructors I am providing proof of these notebooks existence (13 in
total, I also burned out 4 of the Xamarin pens I have gotten as swag over the


However even with all this exhaustive notation, I still get pretest
anxiety. Why you ask, that is because that the 150 questions on the test are
pulled not only from the classes and material in the class, but also each class
has additional info to read and pull from (each of the 15 classes have at least
2 or more reference links which I could easily double my amount of notebooks to
complete my notations. However, I don’t have that many Xamarin pens to burn
out, so I turned to the web for help and guides. A lot of work has been done by
Xamarin to help people prepare (and some by others who have taken the exam to
help those who have yet to.

While Xamarin provides guidance on their Certification page,
They provide a list of items to review on that page as well but I also fount
links like http://www.kymphillpotts.com/xamarin-certification-exam-study-guide/
, http://xamarino.com/2014/05/studyguide-for-xamarin-mobile-developer-exam/
, and http://www.leftycoder.com/zero-xamarin-30ish-days-xamarin-university-experience/
as all good places that I am using to help me study.

Hopefully things go well…


Author: Mitch Muenster

Microsoft & Xamarin MVP, Xamarin Certified Developer, VR/AR Enthusiast, Biohacker, & Public Speaker

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