Certification Exam Passed!

Life with Asperger’s is not always the easy life, in today’s world there are many roadblocks set against a person, and even more so for those with autism. But Today that has been lessened a little bit as I have passed my Xamarin Certification Exam After starting from scratch this past month in the world of C#, Mobile development, and Xamarin. This has made me stop and reflect on this past month.

When you go thought and think about life, we are going though things in a rush, completing tasks, going to meetings, and other activities that at their core are constantly changing the state of a Boolean. We can get so focused on our self’s that we forget to keep things in prospective. We set goals, dream big and start small. As I have spent the past month furiously learning everything I can from Xamarin University to prepare myself for the certification test and expand my understanding about the Xamarin universe that I lost sight of what was actually unfolding around me.

“The river tells no lies, though standing on the shore the dishonest man stills hears them”

Only until now when I am about to take my certification test, studied my notes, filled out and rechecked the study guide I made for myself did I start to realize what was being passed to me. They were not just words spoken because the job requires it. This information was being passed to me as a Master craftsman passes on the knowledge to an apprentice.

The future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it

This past month has been a month of learning, a month of sleepless nights, a month of loss and gain, and a month that has truly shaped me to be a better person and Xamarin developer, in ways I cannot yet begin to understand, I know that my life has been changed by the amazing team working at Xamarin University and I know that I have been changed for good.


Author: Mitch Muenster

Microsoft & Xamarin MVP, Xamarin Certified Developer, VR/AR Enthusiast, Biohacker, & Public Speaker

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