Updates and preview of things to come

Sorry for the lack of updates, Busy with a few projects I am trying to hash out and getting my talk edits ready for That Conference (I need to stop waiting till the week before my talks to edit them)

So things im working on getting out.

~ Mitch’s door app
~ UI Samples for GitHub
~ Native Android NFC Bite Read/Write UI Code (they said it couldn’t be done… well the individual byte read/write part)
~ New talk: These Aren’t the UI You’re Looking For
~ Xamarin Dev Days: Madison 

Other thoughts:

I finished my 80th Xamarin Uni class this evening and it made me think about some things… I have 2 instructors a lot and I have some habits that I am taking away from them or things I noticed.

1. You are surprised when you take a Xamarin U class with Glenn Stephens or Kym Phillpotts and there are less then 3 flash quizzes in the class.

2. You find your self speaking in a Australian accent when talking about Xamarin or saying your name.

3. Your phone tells you the weather in Celsius while living in the US, in case you end up talking about it.

4. You prefer taking classes that are during the work day in Australia.

5. You get more recruiting job offers from Australia then the US (and can’t afford the move)

6. You have more Go To Training emails reminding you class is about to start then actual class emails.

7. You know how to move the Go To Training Timer box.

8. You have become a better C# programmer because of F# classes.

See you at That Conference! (if you’re going)


Author: Mitch Muenster

Microsoft & Xamarin MVP, Xamarin Certified Developer, VR/AR Enthusiast, Biohacker, & Public Speaker

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