Unleash Your Inner UI Monkey with Xamarin Test Cloud

For those of you who have not yet heard, all Xamarin Subscriptions
Include Xamarin Test Cloud Device Minutes. This is awesome as any android developer
will know, it’s hard to know what your app will look like when your device
looks proper on all the Android devices in existence (currently there are over
7,000) combine that with all the windows, and ios devices,  it’s hard to know how your app will turn out
looking UI wise.

Now you might be saying “But Mitch, I use <insert one of
the many UI testing services here>, I don’t want to use Xamarin test cloud.”
And you are in your own right to use whatever
service you want, but here are some reasons you would want to.

You already have time paid for

Xamarin Test Cloud is an awesome product that
the Xamarin team has been hard at work to develop.

If you use Calabash or Xamarin UI Test, You are
not getting the full range of devices unless you own them that you could be
with Xamarin Test Cloud.

A lot of the services out there are mostly for
Phone Gap app UI Testing.

You can test Xamarin, iOS, & Android apps

I could blab on more about test cloud, but why not try it out
for yourself!  https://xamarin.com/test-cloud


Author: Mitch Muenster

Microsoft & Xamarin MVP, Xamarin Certified Developer, VR/AR Enthusiast, Biohacker, & Public Speaker

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