Partnered for Success – Technology Hub Conference comes to Appleton WI

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Technology Hub Conference, is a First year conference that is coming to Appleton WI on October, 13th. Seeing that a tech conference was going to be happening in my hometown, naturally my interest was piqued. Being a former convention director myself, I tend to be overly critical towards conferences and the session or panels being put on.  As my phone loaded their webpage I expected to find a conference that was just like all the others. What I found was something I was not expecting.

The first thing that surprised me is that not only was there a rather diverse session for a 1-day event, but it’s the first time since I started doing conventions that I have had a hard time choosing what panels to go to. Some panels conflict such as the keynote before lunch being done by Kara Swisher, a well-known writer and columnist on tech related things, or the CEO/CIO panel which panelists were selected for the innovations they have implemented within their organizations. They will be speaking on the successes and challenges they faced in being on the forefront of technology. Looking at the Session lineup, there is a wide variety of sessions from Azure, & Mobile all the way to sessions on creating positive and fulfilling work environments, and why some tech companies are choosing to farm-shore their tech work rather then move it off-shore to other countries.

Looking at the speaker list you can see it is just a colorful as the list of sessions. There are some bigger speakers such as Steve Gearhart (Plexus CIO), Mitch Weckop (Skyline Technologies CEO), and mixed in with them are Community leaders such as Greg Levenhagen, David Giard, Lisa Anderson and even some teachers from FVTC. Even with such a broad & diverse speaker list, I started to notice a pattern.

I knew a lot of these people… but I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why I knew some of them. I know I have met some of these speakers at other conferences, but not all of them. And then it hit me, A lot of these are also members of AITP(Association of Information Technology) a chapter who also had a student chapter within Fox Valley Technical College, where I occasionally speak at and graduated from.  Looking at the partners of Technology Hub, I learned that not only is AITP involved, but that WIT (Women in Technology Wisconsin) was involved as well.

Regardless of if you’re looking for work in the IT sector, or looking to pick up a new skill, I recommend checking out Technology Hub Conference October 13th.  If you are planning to attend, feel free to say hello to me, I will be helping out in the TechHappy: Hacking Positive Communities and Rapid Application Development with Xamarin sessions. See you there!



Author: Mitch Muenster

Microsoft & Xamarin MVP, Xamarin Certified Developer, VR/AR Enthusiast, Biohacker, & Public Speaker

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