Unleash Your Inner UI Monkey with Xamarin Test Cloud

For those of you who have not yet heard, all Xamarin Subscriptions
Include Xamarin Test Cloud Device Minutes. This is awesome as any android developer
will know, it’s hard to know what your app will look like when your device
looks proper on all the Android devices in existence (currently there are over
7,000) combine that with all the windows, and ios devices,  it’s hard to know how your app will turn out
looking UI wise.

Now you might be saying “But Mitch, I use <insert one of
the many UI testing services here>, I don’t want to use Xamarin test cloud.”
And you are in your own right to use whatever
service you want, but here are some reasons you would want to.

You already have time paid for

Xamarin Test Cloud is an awesome product that
the Xamarin team has been hard at work to develop.

If you use Calabash or Xamarin UI Test, You are
not getting the full range of devices unless you own them that you could be
with Xamarin Test Cloud.

A lot of the services out there are mostly for
Phone Gap app UI Testing.

You can test Xamarin, iOS, & Android apps

I could blab on more about test cloud, but why not try it out
for yourself!  https://xamarin.com/test-cloud

Updates and preview of things to come

Sorry for the lack of updates, Busy with a few projects I am trying to hash out and getting my talk edits ready for That Conference (I need to stop waiting till the week before my talks to edit them)

So things im working on getting out.

~ Mitch’s door app
~ UI Samples for GitHub
~ Native Android NFC Bite Read/Write UI Code (they said it couldn’t be done… well the individual byte read/write part)
~ New talk: These Aren’t the UI You’re Looking For
~ Xamarin Dev Days: Madison 

Other thoughts:

I finished my 80th Xamarin Uni class this evening and it made me think about some things… I have 2 instructors a lot and I have some habits that I am taking away from them or things I noticed.

1. You are surprised when you take a Xamarin U class with Glenn Stephens or Kym Phillpotts and there are less then 3 flash quizzes in the class.

2. You find your self speaking in a Australian accent when talking about Xamarin or saying your name.

3. Your phone tells you the weather in Celsius while living in the US, in case you end up talking about it.

4. You prefer taking classes that are during the work day in Australia.

5. You get more recruiting job offers from Australia then the US (and can’t afford the move)

6. You have more Go To Training emails reminding you class is about to start then actual class emails.

7. You know how to move the Go To Training Timer box.

8. You have become a better C# programmer because of F# classes.

See you at That Conference! (if you’re going)

Certification Exam Passed!

Life with Asperger’s is not always the easy life, in today’s world there are many roadblocks set against a person, and even more so for those with autism. But Today that has been lessened a little bit as I have passed my Xamarin Certification Exam After starting from scratch this past month in the world of C#, Mobile development, and Xamarin. This has made me stop and reflect on this past month.

When you go thought and think about life, we are going though things in a rush, completing tasks, going to meetings, and other activities that at their core are constantly changing the state of a Boolean. We can get so focused on our self’s that we forget to keep things in prospective. We set goals, dream big and start small. As I have spent the past month furiously learning everything I can from Xamarin University to prepare myself for the certification test and expand my understanding about the Xamarin universe that I lost sight of what was actually unfolding around me.

“The river tells no lies, though standing on the shore the dishonest man stills hears them”

Only until now when I am about to take my certification test, studied my notes, filled out and rechecked the study guide I made for myself did I start to realize what was being passed to me. They were not just words spoken because the job requires it. This information was being passed to me as a Master craftsman passes on the knowledge to an apprentice.

The future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it

This past month has been a month of learning, a month of sleepless nights, a month of loss and gain, and a month that has truly shaped me to be a better person and Xamarin developer, in ways I cannot yet begin to understand, I know that my life has been changed by the amazing team working at Xamarin University and I know that I have been changed for good.

Xamarin University, Certification Studying, and More!


Greetings from the Developer Cave!

For those of you who are not aware, on July 17th I
got my Email stating that I am eligible for the Xamarin Certification, and that
made me think back to this past month and all the time I have spent with the
instructors. While at the time of writing, the certification track in Xamarin
University has 15 classes, which is by no means the end to them. At time of
posting there are 67 Classes on a wide variety of topics as well as Guest
Lectures, Lighting talks, and recordings from Evolve Conferences. You also get
8, 30 min one on one sessions with an instructor to ask questions, get code
reviews, architectural guidance, or help with mobile strategy and of course,
you can test for your certification, good for a year from the date you get

I have spent the month of July going though and taking
advantage of as many classes as I could (yes I know I get a year access) and get
up to speed on all the Xamarin Development goodness. I also am a Visual and Kinesthetic
learning, which makes online classes rather interesting, especially when
creating notes to reference/study from later, which leads into lots and lots
and lots of notes. At the time of writing I have been though 46 of 67 unique classes
(remember, I started in July and posting this on July 20) and at the request of
some of my instructors I am providing proof of these notebooks existence (13 in
total, I also burned out 4 of the Xamarin pens I have gotten as swag over the


However even with all this exhaustive notation, I still get pretest
anxiety. Why you ask, that is because that the 150 questions on the test are
pulled not only from the classes and material in the class, but also each class
has additional info to read and pull from (each of the 15 classes have at least
2 or more reference links which I could easily double my amount of notebooks to
complete my notations. However, I don’t have that many Xamarin pens to burn
out, so I turned to the web for help and guides. A lot of work has been done by
Xamarin to help people prepare (and some by others who have taken the exam to
help those who have yet to.

While Xamarin provides guidance on their Certification page,
They provide a list of items to review on that page as well but I also fount
links like http://www.kymphillpotts.com/xamarin-certification-exam-study-guide/
, http://xamarino.com/2014/05/studyguide-for-xamarin-mobile-developer-exam/
, and http://www.leftycoder.com/zero-xamarin-30ish-days-xamarin-university-experience/
as all good places that I am using to help me study.

Hopefully things go well…